Trader Joes Fair Trade Organic Sumatra Coffee

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Trader Joes Organic Sumatra Coffee boasts of a blend of medium roasted coffee beans, sourced from small family farms in northern Sumatra. Trader Joe Whole Coffee is the ideal brew to warm you up, rejuvenate your senses for a busy day at work. With a rich, sweet and intense flavor, Sumatra Coffee is apt to be consumed daily, at home and the office. You get premium coffee with hint of medium to dark cocoa notes. Medium acidity and smoky aroma makes this whole bean coffee the best blend ever. This is the best Indonesian coffee bean selection online, now with the assurance of reaching you in a smartly packaged form so that none of the natural aroma is lost. You get pure whole bean coffee from one the biggest coffee growing locales in the world, i.e. Sumatra in Indonesia. We make great tasting coffee for the world! Trader Joe has always vouched for its commitment to supply every loft, kitchen and brunch nook with quality coffee. All our coffee products have journeyed from different parts of the world like South America, Kenya, Honduras, Sumatra, Indonesia and more.